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Courses Available

Courses & Subjects

  1. B.A. Part I, II, III (Semester I to VI)
  2. B.Sc. Part I, II, III (Medical) (Semester I to VI)
  3. B.Sc. Part I, II, III (Non-Medical) (Semester I to VI)
  4. B.Com. Part I, II, III (Semester I to VI)
  5. M.A. Part I, II (English) (Semester I to IV)
  6. M.A. Part I, II (Economics) (Semester I to IV)
  1. B.Sc. Part I, II, III (Comp. Sci.) (Semester I to VI)
  2. B.Sc. Part I, II, III (Economics) (Semester I to VI)
  3. M.Com. Part I, II (Semester I to IV)
  4. P.G.D.C.A. (Semester I & II)
  5. BCA

B.A. Part I, II, III (First, Third, Fifth Semester) Apart from Punjabi (Compulsory) and English (Compulsory)

  1. Functional English
  2. Elective English
  3. Elective Punjabi
  4. Hindi
  5. Sanskrit
  6. Political Science
  1. Economics
  2. Philosophy
  3. Home Science
  4. Physical Education
  5. Geography
  1. Music (Vocal)
  2. Music (Instrumental)
  3. History
  4. Mathematics
  5. Environmental Studies (B.A. Part II)

B.Sc. Part I, II, III (First, Third, Fifth Semester)

B.Sc. (Medical)
  1. Compulsory English
  2. Compulsory Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture
  3. Chemistry
  1. Biology
  2. Botany
B.Sc. (Non-Medical)
  1. Compulsory English
  2. Compulsory Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture
  3. Physics
  1. Chemistry
  2. Mathematics
B.Sc. (Economics)
  1. Compulsory English
  2. Compulsory Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture
  3. Economics
  1. Mathematics
  2. Computer
B.Sc. (Computer Science)
  1. Compulsory English
  2. Compulsory Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture
  3. Mathematics
  1. Computer
  2. Physics

B.Com. Part I (First Semester)

  1. Compulsory English
  2. Compulsory Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Business Organization
  1. Business Communication
  2. Business Statistics
  3. Computer Fundamentals
  4. Drug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention

B.Com. Part II (Third Semester)

  1. Compulsory English
  2. Compulsory Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture
  3. Corporate Accounting
  4. Corporate Laws
  1. Entrepreneurship & Small Business
  2. Indian Financial System
  3. Business Environment
  4. Environmental Studies
Note: Environmental Studies subject is compulsory in B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. Part II (Semester Third)

B.Com. Part III (Fifth Semester)

  1. Compulsory English
  2. Compulsory Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture
  3. Management Accounting
  4. Indirect Tax Laws
  1. Operation Research
  2. Contemporary Accounting
  3. Advanced Financial Management

M.Com. Part I (First & Second Semester)

Semester - I

  1. Managerial Economics

  2. Statistical Analysis for Business

  3. Management Principles and Organization Behaviour

Semester - II

  1. Corporate Financial Accounting and Auditing

  2. Financial Management

  3. Research Methodology


  1. Business Environment

  2. Management Accounting and Control Systems

  3. Seminar


  1. Marketing Human Resource Management

  2. Computer Application in Business

  3. Viva Voce

M.Com. Part II  (Third  & Fourth Semester)

Semester - III

  1. Banking & Insurance Services


  1. Seminar

Optional Group A: Accounting and Finance  
  1. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  1. Contemporary Accounting
Optional Group D: Marketing  
  1. Consumer Behaviour
  1. Research for Marketing Decisions

Semester - IV

  1. International Accounting

  2. E-Commerce


  1. Viva Voce

Optional Group A: Accounting and Finance  
  1. International Financial Management
  2. Financial Markets and Financial Service
  1. Corporate Tax Law and Planning

P.G.D.C.A. (Self Finance)

First Semester
  1. PC Computing-I (MS Office) 2003
  2. PC-Computing-II (Professional DTP)
  3. Fundamentals of Computer & Operating Systems
  4. Data Base Management System Through Oracle 10g- System Analysis & Design
Second Semester
  1. Network Concepts and Management (Hardware,
    Software, setting in LINUX/UNIX/NT environment
  2. Programming in C
  3. Introduction to Scripting Languages, Web Designing
    & Uses of Internet
  4. e-Commerce / Business (Optional)

BCA (Self Finance)

First Semester
  1. Introducing to Programming -C
  2. Introducing to Computer and Information Technology
  3. Applied & Discrete Mathematics
  4. Practical-I(MS OFFICE 2010 and C Programming)
  5. Communication Skills in English-I
  6. Punjabi (Compulsory)
  7. *Drug Abuse,Problem Management and Prevention(Compulsory Paper
Second Semester
  1. Introducing to Programming -C++
  2. Principles of Digital Electronics
  3. Numerical Methods & Statistical Techniques
  4. Practical-I(Advanced of C++ Programming)
  5. Communication Skills in English-II(Th.-35+Pr.15)
  6. Punjabi (Compulsory)
  7. *Drug Abuse,Problem Management and Prevention(Compulsory Paper


M.A. (English) (Four Semester)

First Semester
  1. Poetry-I                  
  2. Renaissance Drama
  3. English Novel
  4. Phonetics and Spoken English
  5. Western Literary History-I

Second Semester

  1. Poetry-II
  2. Modern Drama
  3. Modern Novel
  4. English Grammar and Writing
  5. Western Literary History-II

Third Semester
  1. Punjabi Literature In Translation-Option-I                              Irish Literature ĖOption -II        
  2. General Linguistics
  3. Literary Criticism
  4. Indian Writing In English
  5. Communication Studies-Option-I                                 Rhetoric and Advanced Composition Option-II

Fourth Semester

  1. Modern Literary Theory
  2. American Literature
  3. Post Colonial Literature
  4. Prose and Short Stories
  5. World Classics in Translation Option-I                           Greek Literature Option-II                                                 Indian Literature in Translation Option-III

M.A. (Economics) (Four Semester)

First Semester
  1. Micro Economics-I
  2. Macro Economics-I
  3. Quantitative Methods For Economics-I
  4. Public Finance
  5.  Computer Applications

Second Semester

  1. Micro Economics-II
  2. Macro Economics-II
  3. Quantitative Methods For Economics-II
  4. Money Banking and Finance
  5. Operation Research
Third Semester
  1. Economics of Development      
  2. International Economics-I
  3.  Indian Economy
  4.  Theory of Statistics
  5.  Industrial Economics                 

Fourth Semester

  1. Economics of Planning
  2. International Economics-II
  3. Punjab Economy
  4. Economics of Labour
  5. Economics of Agriculture


Course/ Programmes Outcome

A.     Department of Sciences

       Science discovers and documents the new phenomena to make the lives of people more comfortable. The history of civilization testifies the fact that human progress is closely associated with advancements in science. We find influence of science in our day to day working from basic function of gravity to complex life saving medicines and  to other disciplines of social sciences and humanities with application of its paradigm-whether mechanic or organic. In future, science shall play crucial role to meet the complexities and challenges of climate changes, rapid depletion of natural resources, energy crisis and life threatening diseases. Therefore cultivation of scientific temperament, uplifting of the spirit of enquiry, provoking curiosity, stimulating creativity along with critical thinking, and development of objective outlook has been the objective of different education policies and programmes. To cater the needs of society, our college offers the courses of science to make the students valuable assets to the nation. The College offers courses in B.Sc. Non-Medical, B.Sc Medical. After completing the courses, our students are contributing to the society with employment in different areas.

B.Sc. Non-Medical

       B.Sc. Non-Medical course is three year duration course with six semester subjects consisting of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics besides teaching compulsory language subjects of General English and General Punjabi, Environment Studies and Drug Abuse.. After completing the course, B.Sc. Non-Medical students have vast job opportunities in engineering, software development, research, many other areas like teaching, technical writer and editor, clinical research, laboratory technician, , plant biochemist, radiologist, consultant, etc.

B.Sc. Medical

       B.Sc. Medical course was started in the college in 1991 as three year bachelor programme with six semesters.  During the course different science subjects like Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry are taught along with General English, General Punjabi, Environment Studies and Drug Abuse  as compulsory subjects. The course has been meticulously planned considering the current education standards with special emphasis on practical classes in order to impart practical training to students. After completing the course, students can find jobs in different sectors like pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, health care centres, pharmacist, diagnostic centres, pathology laboratories, academic institutions, simulation centres, research and development centres, business entrepreneurship, etc.

B.     Department of Humanities and Social Science

     The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences attempts to prepare students to cultivate sensitivity to social problems and to develop into good human beings with rational thoughts, universal outlook, compassion, sound ethical moorings and human values. The Department attempts to impart multi-disciplinary and holistic education focused on development of aesthetical temperament, creativity, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning along with life skills so that they can gain fulfilling employment.  

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

      Like other streams- science, commerce and IT, humanities programmes have paramount significance in the society. The course of B.A. is three year course with six semesters that can be opted by students with three compulsory subjects besides taking up General English and General Punjabi as compulsory subjects. The curriculum includes wide range of interdisciplinary subjects with focus on human culture, Indian traditions, with aim to improve the studentís knowledge about human behavior in society, Indian culture and traditions, social problems, etc. The course attempts to improve studentís knowledge and critical thinking skills in different areas such as Language and Literature, History, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Philosophy, Physical Education and Home Science. In addition to it, two subjects of Vocal and Instrumental Music attempt to impart knowledge about rich and rare knowledge of Indian Classical Music.

                            As Sanskrit has played as great role in India as mother language contributing to growth and development of Indian languages, and as foundation of cultural unity of the country with great repository of ancient knowledge pertaining to numerous subjects- the college was started by Maharaja of Kapurthala to disseminate the knowledge of Sanskrit through Oriental Courses. Later on, with evolving pedagogy the college became Degree College with passage of time. Therefore the college has special place for Sanskrit along with other languages like Hindi and Punjabi to sensitize students to realize how great and glorious Indian civilization has been, to uplift the national pride and self esteem and to offer perennial inspiration.                          

                           Overall, the broad aim of the B.A. course is to impart basic knowledge to students of chosen subjects of their study, to cultivate ability to apply the knowledge, to enable them to communicate effectively and to work independently as well as interdependently as team member, to understand diversities across different fronts-geographical, social, economic, cultural- and to work with them in seamless manner.

B.Sc. Economics

     B.Sc. Economics course-being comparatively new course of three year duration with six semesters was started in 2005-06. The course offers Economics, Mathematics or Statistics, and Computer Science along with study of Compulsory subjects of General English and General Punjabi. The course attempts to provide knowledge of the principles of economics and techniques used in different domains of economies that cover major concepts used in economies at national as well as international level. This course is synthesis of Economics and Information Technology that aim to study and solve economic problems with the help of mathematics and modern technologies.

M.A. English

      The College offers M.A. English course with two year duration, divided into four semesters. This programme was started in 1968 with purpose to provide students in depth knowledge of English language and literature both ancient and modern English literature of poetry, prose and fiction besides sharpening the sensibility of students and widening their outlook.  This course enables the students to analyse a work of literature in its different contexts- historical, cultural, political and philosophical, and to develop creative writing and reading skills that provide huge advantage for career growth.                                

                              After completing the course, the student can build their career in different fields as decoders, interpreters, translators, campaign managers, speech writers, etc. that require sophisticated writing skills as well as oratory skills. As English language is most widely spoken language-combining native and non-native speakers, its knowledge enables the students to conduct themselves more effectively in different countries.

M.A. Economics

       Master of Arts in Economics is a full-time post-graduation course of 2 years, divided into 4 semesters. This programme was started in 1976 to impart penetrating and profound insights into the different fields of economics-micro, macro, national and international, and to offer them knowledge about different principles of economics. Many of our students after completion of the degree have excelled in different fields to serve at higher administrative posts in banking and corporate sector, have joined as journalists and event managers. Some of our students have pursued higher education in reputed institutions.

C.     Department of Computer Science

     The subjects of Computer Science and Information Technology are of recent origin because of their growing influence in the recent times. Present era is Information Technology Era as we find its influence in every field with multi-dimensional and manifold impacts-whether we talk about transfer of vast amount and availability of data at accelerating speed and greater ease transcending geographical barriers, emergence of new paradigm of global village with integration of different communities under integrated network, transformation of economy to digital economy and change of every operation with influence of computers. With the growth of large data, emergence of artificial intelligence, e-learning and webinars amidst pandemic-the importance of Information technology has assumed new commanding heights. To cater the emerging needs of the society, the Department of Computer Science was established in 2005-06 with introduction of B.Sc. (Computer Science) and PGDCA course under Self-Financing Scheme. At present, it runs courses like B.Sc. Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Application, and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.

B.Sc. Computer Science

      B.Sc. Computer Science is a 3 year undergraduate programme with six semester course that offers the study of Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics besides General English, General Punjabi, Environment Studies and Drug Abuse as compulsory subjects. As the contents of Computer Science syllabus deal with computer application and its services, the course aims to create quality professionals who can render services in every sector by implementing the technology of computer systems and software and can help non-professionals to perform their routine functions through computers in efficient manner.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

      The three year duration course of six semesters, BCA was commenced in the year 2020-21 under Self Financing Scheme with the objective to impart knowledge and skills not only of computer and IT, but also about communication, management and organization. The course attempts to impart practical knowledge of different Programming Languages, Database Packages and Networking concepts besides enabling students to develop computer projects as team. After completing the course, the BCA graduate can find jobs as web designers, application developers and teachers in IT companies and other sectors of the economy.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)

      This one year Diploma course of two semesters was started in 2005-06 under Self-Financing Scheme. Any graduate can get admission into this course to have basic knowledge of computers besides upgrading his or her skills in computer. PGDCA provides job opportunities as web developer, software developers, computer operators in banking and insurance sector, etc.  

D. Department of Commerce

    The subject of commerce has assumed tremendous importance because of ever expanding economies, business and trade in the interdependent globalised world. It is our proud privilege that Post Graduate Department of Commerce of N.J.S.A. Govt. College, Kapurthala serves the ever growing, changing and challenging demands of knowledge and skills for future knowledge workers in different fields like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Financial Consultants, Stock Brokers, Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Insurance Providers, etc. Since its inception in 1986, the Commerce Department is playing dominating role in imparting knowledge of different continuously expanding and enlarging subjects of commerce like accountancy, business management, banking and insurance, finance, economics, business laws with outstanding university results. A commerce graduate after completing the degree can opt any career in financial services in the field of accountancy, management, business entrepreneurship, stock market, banking and insurance, etc. as this degree enhances the value of the student. We find number of our students excelling in different fields- business, hospitality, Banking and Insurance, Financial services, Chartered accountancy, etc. Keeping in view the influence of Information Technology Revolution, the university has incorporated different internet related and computer related subjects in the curriculum like Computer Based Accounting, E-Commerce, etc.  The College offers Bachelor and Master Degree in Commerce.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

      This course of three year duration with six semesters, was started in 1986. A student who has passed 10+2 course in any stream can get admission in this course. Due to heavy rush for admission in this class, admission is done on merit basis as per rules and regulations of Punjab Govt. and the affiliating University. A vast number of subjects of commerce are taught in this course with specialization in accounting and finance and securities market operations.  

Master of Commerce (M. Com.)

      Responding to the demand of the local people, the College started this Post Graduate course in 2004 that aims to prepare the student for future challenges in the field of Commerce and Management. On-line submission of assignments and presentation of assignments by students is the main feature of this course. Class participation and discussion is encouraged among students in the class. Accounting and Finance is the specialized area of this course. Besides formal teaching as per prescribed syllabus, students are advised and guided for UGC NET, Chartered Accountant and other competitive examinations.

                                   Number of our students have cleared the UGC NET examination to enter teaching profession besides pursuing their Ph.D. Degree after clearing the UGC NET for research Fellow Examination. Master Course in Commerce enhances the employability of Commerce students in Job Markets.

                                 Our Commerce Department provides necessary facilities to the students like Book Bank facility with Departmental Library, Consultation and Guidance for students for CA, UGC NET examination and other competitive examinations.  As the scope of Commerce is widening with passage of time and growing share of Service Sector in the nationís GDP, our Department will play pivotal role in imparting knowledge and skills to future knowledge workers of the nation. 

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